TM Racing Motocross

TM Racing Motocross MX 125 2S
TM Racing Motocross MX 125 2S
TM Racing Motocross MX 125 2S
TM Racing Motocross MX 125 2S
TM Racing Motocross MX 125 2S

MX 125 2S

£7,495.00 Includes VAT

The legendary TM Racing 125cc and 144cc 2-stroke engines are synonymous with performance. Combined with some incredible technical innovations, the latest evolution of engines are designed and constructed from some of the best materials and feature some of the best ancillary components available as standard fitment. TM Racing have created small capacity engines with outstanding power characteristics, greater than their actual capacity would suggest, alongside superb reliability to give class leading performance from the outset time and time again. Both the 125cc and 144cc variants have received small, but significant revisions for the new 2021 model year in terms of engine set-up, the most notable being a new cylinder port timing arrangment and a new exhaust system. These new changes work alongside updated electronic programming, all designed to maximise the performance of the engine. The ‘new for 2020’ TMEES electronically controlled exhaust valve with a direct drive system remains, this has proven to be a great update to these small capacity engines and put them in line with their bigger capacity brethren. This ‘direct-drive’ TMEES system gives better response with a gain in power/torque at the lower range whilst strengthening the mid / top end performance of the engine. The TMEES system electronics have been profiled to work seamlessly with the engine electronics to ensure power, torque and responsiveness is always at its best for each given discipline. On the 125cc / 144cc EN and SMR variants fuel injection will also feature and includes a host on new engine changes specific to these models, including a new crankshaft and a whole new electrical system dedicated to the TSi injection system and new ECU programming for the 2021 model year.

Bore and Stroke 54X54,5
Displacement 125cc
Compression ratio N/A
Horse power N/A
Intake V-Force Reed valve
Carburettor Keihin PWK 38