Husqvarna Motocross

Husqvarna Motocross TC 50
Husqvarna Motocross TC 50
Husqvarna Motocross TC 50
Husqvarna Motocross TC 50
Husqvarna Motocross TC 50
Husqvarna Motocross TC 50

TC 50

£3,899.00 Includes VAT

Utilising many of the same technologies found on the larger machines in the minicycles range, the TC 50 offers future motocross superstars the highest level of performance. Manufactured with unrivalled attention to detail and assembled with high quality components, the TC 50 is a premium motorcycle designed to perform out on the race track.

The modern and compact engine features the latest in 2-stroke technology offering class leading performance and ride-ability. By using a 3-shaft design, the crankshaft is positioned near the centre of gravity which not only benefits mass centralisation but also creates the ideal intake angle into the reed valve delivering top level performance. Additionally, a power reduction kit is available from Husqvarna accessories which limits the TC 50 to 5.5hp for first timers and complete beginners.

The high performance cylinder is made from lightweight and durable aluminium and incorporates a pressure controlled exhaust valve (PCEV) which provides unrivalled performance within the highly competitive 50cc class.

A key feature of the TC 50 is the automatic centrifugal clutch. This allows the young riders to focus on riding without the complexity of operating a manual clutch and gearbox. The multi-disc clutch delivers a precise and predictable power delivery across the RPM range.

The bodywork of the TC 50 harnesses years of motocross testing and experience to offer the perfect ergonomic feeling instilling confidence and comfort in all riding conditions.

Single-speed automatic Transmission
Kickstarter Starter
40 mm Stroke
39.5 mm Bore
Centrifugal clutch (adjustable) Clutch