TM Racing Enduro

TM Racing Enduro EN 250 2S-ES
TM Racing Enduro EN 250 2S-ES
TM Racing Enduro EN 250 2S-ES

EN 250 2S-ES

£9,095.00 Includes VAT

The large capacity TM Racing 250cc and 300cc 2-stroke engines are synonymous with strength and durability, with each capacity engine having its own unique qualities in the terms of performance and power delivery characteristics. In 2019 the engines had a total re-design which featured a multitude of new and exciting additions to increase performance and ease of use for the rider,these engine were then updated again in 2020 for the release of the fuel-injected variant and these changes are adopted across all models. For 2022 we see some new changes and revisions, the most notable being an all-new 6 speed gearbox for all Enduro based variants, new crankshaft mounting tolerances, new wiring harnesses and new exhaust systems. There are also updates specific to the fuel injected variants which include, a new oil mixer tank, new wiring harensses, a new exhaust system and advancements in the fuel injection system itself for better performance.

With 6 Gear Option

Bore and Stroke 66.4×72
Displacement 249cc
Compression ratio N/A
Horse power N/A
Intake V-Force Reed valve
Gearbox 5 Speed