Husqvarna Enduro

Husqvarna Enduro FE 250

FE 250

£8,999.00 Includes VAT

Enduro precision

The FE 250 is the smallest capacity 4-stroke in the enduro line-up, which also means it's the lightest. With an array of features and advanced technologies, this advanced enduro machine shines in tough technical terrain while delivering torquey, enduro-specific 4-stroke performance when you need it most. Designed and assembled using premium components, including WP suspension, selectable engine maps and a Magura hydraulic clutch, the FE 250 is a complete collection of unsurpassed quality, performance and reliability.


The FE 250's engine is designed to be powerful, light and compact. With all major components and shaft arrangements carefully positioned to centralise mass, its renowned outstanding performance and handling characteristics are maintained. Through innovative manufacturing processes and design, the engine only weighs 27.6 kg and delivers a smooth, torquey power delivery which makes the FE 250 accessible for both professionals and amateurs.


The cylinder head features advanced technology aimed at reducing weight and drag: from the low friction surface upon which the twin overhead camshafts rotate, to the four lightweight titanium valves - intake 32.5 mm, exhaust 26.5 mm - that are actuated by DLC (diamond like carbon) coated finger followers. This aids the engine to rev freely while maintaining smooth, efficient power throughout the rpm range.

Cylinder and piston

The cylinder is taken over from the successful FC 250 motocross model and features the same 78 mm bore. It also houses a forged bridged-box-type piston, professionally engineered from high-strength aluminium. The compression ratio of 13.8:1, in combination with the state-of-the-art cylinder as well as cylinder head gasket, provides outstanding performance and reliability.


The chromium molybdenum steel frame is expertly crafted using laser-cut, robot-welded, hydro-formed tubes, ensuring the highest level of precision and quality. The specifically crafted geometry utilises advanced longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics, for unparalleled rider feedback, energy absorption and exceptional straight-line stability. The cylinder head mountings are made of forged aluminium, improving handling and comfort. The premium blue powder coated frame features standard frame protectors, providing extra durability.