Bultaco E-Bikes

Bultaco E-Bikes Albero 2.5
Bultaco E-Bikes Albero 2.5
Bultaco E-Bikes Albero 2.5

Albero 2.5

  • Available Colours

    - Silver & Brown

£4,695.00 Includes VAT

The Urbanite.

Albero, is the Bultaco Moto-Bike model conceived and designed for the urban environment. A new concept in the city for a new type of rider: Moto-Bikers. Cosmopolitan urbanites who are looking for a different kind of transport. One that's on the cutting edge, and sustainable

Encouraged by the excellent result that the Moto-Bike achieved in the off-road market by the launch of Brinco - the first model of the Bultaco New Era - Bultaco brings its innovative concept to the urban environment in order to continue playing a leader role in the international two-wheels mobility.

A surprising combination of adrenaline, provided by its 100% electric propulsion, controlled directly by its throttle, and the physical experience of independent pedaling.

The Brand, the Design and the Pioneering concept make the Albero an exclusive and aspirational product.

3 Riding Modes: Sport/ Tour/ Eco
Range Sport up to 50km | Tour up to 75km | Eco up to 100km
Motor Bushless, Permanent Magnet, AC Electric on Rear Wheel
Max Power 250W
Max Speed: 15.5MPH